Saturday, April 3, 2010

U.S. Census

What's this US census thing going on right now? The US government wants you to mail in a 10 questionnaire about your family. If you don't do it then they have to go door-to-door to find you. If they know where you live, then why do you need to send information in? Also being the US, everything political and the Republicans are protesting and not sending their questionnaires in. It's supposed to save money right? But then I see ads on TV, doesn't that cost money? And the ad said mail it in. Mail? Who uses mail in 2010. People are too lazy to mail anything. If I could do my entire unemployment claim online, surely people could do a questionnaire online right?

I don't get it. In Canada, they go door-to-door once every couple of years just to make sure no numbers have changed too drastically. I think they use tax returns too to count people.

Shouldn't the US have a year-round government organization that number-crunches year-round? Here we have Statistics Canada and they have all sorts of stuff. We hear it on the nightly news all the time that 69% of Canadians are this, or 57% of Canadian are that. Or something like Toronto now has more non-white people than white people.. stuff like that.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You can't count Canadians anyway. They're all like buried in snow or somejunk

Hank said...

Well, they send notices to houses, but they don't know how many people live in the household, income, ages, ethnicities, etc etc.

I don't know why Republicans are complaining since the census is one of the few things specifically mentioned in the Constitution that the Federal Government should do. They didn't whine in 2000.

Canada does a census too, just once every five years.

Amory Blaine said...

there are very few things actually specifically mandated in the u.s. constitution, but one of them is a requirement that every ten years there must be a census taken in order that citizens are counted so that they may be proportionatley represented. one of our big problems with bitch george was the whole "taxation without representation" thing. so the founding fathers went to great lengths to make sure that shifting demographics were understood in order that the people were represented adequately. if one state, for instance, sees a drastic declie in population, then they lose representatives in congress, and vice vera for growing states. it allows for a fair distribution of resources for things like education and highway funds, and provides ample opportunity for bored housewives to act like cougars for an afternoon as they lure young, poor census takers into their lair. really, that's what its all about. didn't think you were still reading! :-) nice to see ya tracy!

Degenerasian said...

I'm still reading! Interesting to see how resources will be distributed. So if there an area with alot of Asian Gangs will there be government programs to kill them off? :)