Saturday, April 24, 2010

Harold Koh Supreme Court

Source: Huffington Post

This nomination to replace Justice Stevens -- a staunch liberal on the court for 35 years -- can be more important than health care, the recovery bill and financial reform combined. That's why President Obama shouldn't just nominate someone who Republicans deem acceptable -- he should nominate someone that progressives would be proud to fight for.

That's why we need Harold Koh.

The son of first-generation immigrants from South Korea, Koh would be the first Asian-American nominated to the Supreme Court -- and his credentials speak for themselves. The former dean of Yale Law School and a renowned expert in international law, he served as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights & Labor under President Clinton and is currently Legal Adviser to the State Department. In an increasingly global era where knowledge of international law will be crucial on the Court, Koh is the strongest candidate from this field and would also be the first Justice to hold such expertise. Beyond his roles at the State Department, Koh also worked in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department under President Reagan.

FAIL. You CAN NOT start a defense of any position with race. We need Harold Koh because he would be the first Asian-American nominated.. blah blah. That's stupid.

Asians needs to stop looking at people through race. Forget that he's Asian. He's the best candidate because he's the best candidate and make your argument starting there.

This is the argument
We need Harold Koh because...

1. Worked as an attorney-adviser to the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) in the United States Department of Justice under Reagan.

2. Koh was nominated by President Clinton to become Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

3. Author of several books, including The National Security Constitution: Sharing Power after the Iran-Contra Affair (Yale University Press,1990); Transnational Legal Problems (with Harry Steiner and Detlev Vagts, Foundation Press, 1994); Deliberative Democracy and Human Rights (with Ronald C. Slye, Yale University Press, 1999); and Transnational Litigation in United States Courts (Foundation Press 2008). He has also written over 175 law review articles and legal editorials.

Stuff like that. As an Asian writer Mr. Chi, make an argument for an Asian without mentioning he's Asian and the argument will go much further. Starting a defense with.. He's ASIAN and will make HISTORY immediately draws the reader to that fact and undermines the rest of the article. Someone who doesn't like racial profiling will read that first sentence and conclude "Another fucking Asian supporting someone because they're a fucking Asian."


PerryPie said...

Totally agree. Start with what he brings to the table, and then if you have room, end with the randoms like where he grew up, what race he happens to be. His race is a by-point. Not THE point.

Russ Nelson said...

Of course, Obama is president because he's half-black. Or that he's not George Bush. Or something like that. So you can see why someone might think that reasoning is acceptable to this administration.

Oh, wait, here I am coddling the stupids. IT'S STUPID! Argue for him because he's best, just as poo says!

Degenerasian said...

Yes I agree what stuff like he's Korean could be added at the end but it's not even necessary.

I don't like reading about first this first that. I should be prouder of the guy cause he's the first Asian blah blah blah? If an Asian guy ran for major her ein Calgary should I automatically vote for him because WOW he'll be the first Asian mayor and that'll be good for me? Ya right, he'll be too busy lining his pockets and not give a shit about me.

Treat people as people first, not race first.