Sunday, January 4, 2009

A silent minority takes the wheel

Source: Toronto Star

Did you know that Indian-Canadians dominate driving tractor trailers?

The rain is coming down in torrents as Balwinder Gill pulls her silver Corolla into the Mattu Transport Inc. yard in Mississauga. She grabs an iron rod from the trunk and dashes toward a truck. She crawls between the front tires and knocks off chunks of icy snow beneath.

A mechanic tells her he has already checked the tires, oil and wiper fluid. Gill nods but checks the air pressure in the 10 tires anyway. And the oil. And the wiper fluid.

"I trust him but I still like to check everything before I leave," she says, swinging into the cab to pick up her trailer and the load for Montreal.

Daljit Dhillon, the mechanic, watches her leave in a blur of rain and mist. "Most drivers would've taken our word; not her," he says in Punjabi. "She's good."

For reasons cultural and otherwise, Gill, 32, is one of the few South Asian women in the GTA who drive tractor-trailers – an industry increasingly dominated by Indo-Canadian men

It shows that when people come to Canada. They will work very hard to contribute!

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