Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gaza prompts boycott in Malaysia

Source: BBC

The removal of Coca-Cola from thousands of restaurants in Malaysia in protest at US support for Israel will hurt the local economy, the company has said.

The drinks company was responding to boycotts of US-made goods called by Muslim groups in Malaysia.

Malaysia has called at the United Nations for action to stop the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

Former leader Mahathir Mohamad has also called for a global boycott of the US dollar and US products.

It added that the beverage company employs some 1,700 Malaysians, 60% of whom are Malay Muslims.

Who's running Malaysia? Boycotting products will hurt the LOCAL economy, not the American economy. America's HUGE!

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir had earlier called for a boycott of US currency and goods.

"If you stop accepting US currency, the US can't trade and can't make any money, it will become very poor and it will have to stop the production of more and more weapons in order to kill people," he said on Monday.

"We should not be buying all these weapons from the US, we can buy from the Russians if we must have aeroplanes and things like that," he added.

"People must act... they won't die if they don't drink Coca-Cola," he said.

"We urge everybody who loves peace and is against war to support our campaign. We must send a clear signal to Israel to stop the assaults in Gaza," he said.

This guy was a former Prime Minister? Unless Malaysia can come up with better products the boycott won't work. On the weapons, I'd like to see them deal with the Russians and see how smoothly that goes.

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