Monday, January 12, 2009

More Asian women having abortions

Last month I posted College Schoolgirl: 3 Years, 5 Abortions

That was an extreme case but the trend does seem to be going up.

Source: BBC

There has been a big jump in the number of Asian women having abortions in the UK, according to figures from the Department of Health.

They show there were 15,197 terminations in 2007, compared with 10,084 in 2003 for all age groups.

Experts say more Asian women are now in open relationships and are having sex whereas culturally in the past it was something they did after marriage.

Not sure I agree with the experts in this case. Sure girls are having sex more now than a generation ago but to say they're having more in 2007 compared to 2003 is
too small of a timeframe.

I see the following trends continuing that are troubling.

Lack of information from parents

Asian parents don't talk about sex. It's just not done. I was fortunate that my mom was quite open about the subject and an older brother who also taught me and warned me about the subject. But in alot of case, girls are entering their teenage years learning on the go. They hook up with a guy, he sweet-talks her and unprotected sex happens.

No contraceptives

There are no contraceptives in the house. Cause you're not supposed to be having sex until you're 30. An Asian girl can't go up to her mom and talk about this. She can't buy condoms or have a prescription for birth control pills. If she was caught with anything having to do with safe sex she's be punished. She'd literally be beaten.
So when a teenaged girl is having sex, it will always be unprotected unless the guy is really responsible and has condoms himself.


So in our scenario, a girl has sex with a guy and is now pregnant. Who can she go to?
You think she can tell her parents? Nooooooooo. Her parents will not only not defend her but will pile on and chastise her. Can she turn to the boy's parents? Maybe.. but that's a tricky proposition as well cause they probably won't support her either.
So the only solution is abortion.

If she does tell her parents, a shotgun wedding maybe take place if the couple is older (in their 20s). But if it's teenagers we're talking about, then abortion is almost the only solution. Another solution might be to have the baby and the 'grandmother' will raise it, but that's quite rare.

Abortion to have a boy

Read this article from the Mercury News that bothered me. It's about how Asian parents are now using technology to have a boy. Boy are still king! I would not be surprised that alot of abortions occur simply because the fetus is a girl. Sad isn't it.


I would like to believe that it's improving this generation so my plea to all parents is to educate your daughters at a young age. Talk about sex openly and teach her about the dangers. Forget about this taboo bullshit and talk openly. Don't treat your daughters like their trash or as a prisoner. The more you trust her, the less likely she'll go behind your back.

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