Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Police called out to settle cold feet row

Source: Ananova

A woman called police in China after her boyfriend refused to warm up her cold feet.

Police officer Xiao Deng, of Ningbo, said he received two consecutive calls, one from the woman complaining her boyfriend refused to warm her feet - the other from the man saying his girlfriend was too demanding.

Deng went out to the rental apartment, close to Ningbo University, to try to resolve the issue but found the couple still rowing, reports Modern Times.

He says the boyfriend told him: "Have you ever seen such a girlfriend? She put her cold legs on my belly, giving me stomach cramp.

"I asked her to take them away and she said she would only put them there for a short while. I agreed, but after 10 minutes she still had them there, saying it was very comfortable."

Deng says he eventually persuaded the boyfriend that it was a man's job to warm his girlfriend's feet but told the woman not to leave her feet there for too long.

The young couple put aside their differences and thanked him for coming out to solve their problem, he added.

Don't they have socks in China!?


Matthew said...

I always wondered what the job of police in China was. I always see them sleeping on stools or motorcycles next to bus stops.

Degenerasian said...

Or taking bribes :)