Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chinese youth accused of not being fighting fit

At least they're running, somewhere

Source: Reuters

The government must immediately invest some of its new wealth in ensuring that children take regular exercise, Beijing Sports University president Yang Hua told the sports group of the largely ceremonial advisory body to China's annual parliament.

"It is time for the Chinese nation to improve the physical fitness of our next generation," said Yang. "If we miss the next three to five years a whole generation will be next to useless.

"If there was another war against Japan, would the younger Chinese be able to fight the Japanese one-on-one?

"The government has enough money for banquets and for luxurious office buildings, do they not have money for children's physical education?" he added.

Japan invaded and occupied much of China between 1931 and 1945. Rancour over Japanese wartime atrocities has subsided as a diplomatic flashpoint, but it continues to shape Chinese public attitudes toward Japan and its people.


For a country that calls itself the Center of the World, they sure are insecure about what the Japanese are doing. Are they seriously still thinking about a future war with Japan? One-on-One? Does this guy realize that this isn't the Three Kingdoms era and wars aren't wrestled? I'm not even sure the next war would even use guns.
And I'm not sure either the Chinese nor the Japanese were fit in 1931.

Children's physical education in schools is very important. China spent a bazillion dollars on Olympic facilities, Olympic programs and the opening ceremonies. All for nothing as it may have resulted in 60 gold medals, but a kid sitting on his can watching China win 6 gold medals in table tennis isn't going to make him any fitter.
For a country who Communist motto famously says, opportunity for the many, only the best get selected for sporting greatness. China addiction of showing the world that they can win the Olympics, has resulted in a neglection of the bigger picture of sports in schools.

Another symptom is that the academic system is too competitive. Students study 24 hours a day to get into the best schools. Sitting on a chair studying numbs your butt. No time for exercise.

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