Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 not a lucky year for China

Except for two weeks of near-perfection during the Olympics, China has been awash in bad news, including riots, a massive quake and now tainted formula and sick babies.

Source: LA Times


That was the problem, trying to have a perfect Olympics. For 7 years they cleaned up everything, ramped up government control, kicked people out of their houses to build the Olympic Green, hid important news from the West etc etc etc..

The Olympics overtook the Chinese psyche. They were obsessed with this irrelevant 2-week sporting event. I watched the Olympics every night as a sports fan. I wasn't impressed with the hosting of the event. There was no atmosphere in the crowds and no tailgating. There were no fan zones or entertainment. Just go to the arena and go home. I consider it one of the worst Summer Olympics I've ever seen.

As long as Chinese continue to think they are a perfect society and and hide/ignore the problems in the country, they will never grow. The Olympics have been forgotten already.

The Chinese habit of preferring to endure any hardship to avoid losing face in front of strangers doesn't help, either. Losing face to strangers is a fate worse than death ... at least Mao thought so.

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