Sunday, July 19, 2009

KidZania! Kids can do any job

Looks smooth! Better than the typical American broadcast!

Source: Jeffrey Friedl's Blog

KidZania in Nishinomiya (near Kobe, about an hour and a half drive south from Kyoto). is best described as “Vocational School meets Disneyland”... it's a place where kids get to pretend to be all kinds of things.

KidZania is a two-story indoor area filled with more than 70 different “businesses” where the kids can participate as an employee or customer. They can move from business to business, with each event taking from 15 to 30 minutes, although, like Disneyland, much time is spent waiting your turn.

If they participate as an employee, they're paid (in KidZo monetary units), and if they participate as a customer, they must pay. The terms for each “business” are displayed out front... how much pay they'll get for participating, or how much it'll cost to participate.

Auto Repair: Three mechanics standing around. Just like the real thing!


I want to see a food fight!

See the rest of the photos and article here.

I think that's really cool! Kids here in Canada know nothing about what their parents do and can never act out their dreams of being a fireman or an astronaut. Sure there's Take Your Kid To Work Day, which is an absolute nuisance. That's pretty much a day adults get no work done. Is there Career Day at school still? That's a load of BS too. Kids bring their parents to tell the class what they do. Unless the job is interesting like making ice cream, nobody gives a shit. It would be really cool if we had this here! Kids meeting each other and working together for a day? Builds teamwork!

So where's the "oppai" gravure model exhibit? These kids could learn a thing or two about Japan's greatest growing industry :)

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