Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No more rambunctious cuddling games for you, Japan

Source: Kotaku

First Japanese rape games were "banned". Then, they were unbanned — rather, they were never officially banned. Now? Now, they're banned. Like, for real.

The country's Ethics Organization of Computer Software held an emergency meeting today in which nearly 100 representatives from various erotic game companies concluded that the manufacturer and sale of rape-type games should cease. This was not a government decision or even a legal one, but instead a self-policing policy on the part of the EOCS.

None of the representatives thought it was out of line to ban these types of games, and many felt this was the only way to rectify any problems caused by these types of games. Do know: a vote was not taken at this meeting, for whatever that is worth.


Good! I'm usually against banning anything but these games are pretty extreme. I don't have problem with sex or porn but these video games promote a crime and can psychological influence men to objectify real women in public as objects in a video game. Very disrespectful.

Whatever happened to simple video games... like Frogger!


Roger Williams said...

What kind of changes can we expect? Ero game maker Syrup Soft is delaying its upcoming game Gang raped by the entire village ~girls covered in milky liquid~ to re-moniker it The trap set by the entire village ~bodies covered in milky liquid~.I think we can all agree that's a huge improvement, right?

Anyway, it's weird to see Japan in a moral panic over this since the incidences of violent crime in Japan, including rape, are a fraction of what they are in other industrialized countries. Somehow, I doubt banning rape themed video games is going to help or hurt very much.

Degenerasian said...

I'd argue that the only reason the rape crime rate in Japan in low is because 99.999999% of rapes don't get reported.