Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hong Kong teacher who had sex with pupil 280 times jailed

Source: Earth Times

A Hong Kong schoolteacher was jailed Monday for 10 years after being convicted of having sex with one of his pupils 280 times starting when she was 12 years old. Chu Chi-wah, 39, was found guilty at a May hearing of 11 counts of having sex with a minor over a two-year period from 2004 to 2006.

A High Court judge described his acts as a "nightmare for parents" at Monday's sentencing and said that by refusing to plead guilty, he forced the girl to testify in court and relive the abuse.

The girl, now 17, testified that she had sex with Chu 10 times a month on average and slept with him around 280 times over the course of their relationship.

Chu, who taught the girl physical education and maths at primary school, started having sex with the girl when he gave her private tutorials after she began high school.

She would have sex with Chu after private tutorials and was even allowed by her mother to stay at his home overnight, the High Court was told.

Chu, who denied all charges, was acquitted on one count of allegedly inducing the girl to have an abortion when she got pregnant early on in their relationship.

280 times? Who counted? Did she write in her diary each time?
And the mom let him stay over? He was probably doin her too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Degeneration,
Good to know horny teachers aren't just in TX, GE or FL.
Here in my city of Albuquerque, a female jail guard is being charged w/ rape 4 having sex w/ a certain inmate. She would let herself in his cell every night and have fun. He did his time, got released and now they live together.
She is in her 3rd trimester no. The DA wants to charge her w/ rape 4 everysingle time they had sex while he was an inmate.

Degenerasian said...

It only seems worse in America cause it gets reported, which is a good thing.

These things happen all over the world and never get reported. At least Hong Kong is fairly civilized.