Thursday, June 25, 2009

That's the wrong taco, meng!

beef taco

Source: USA Today

A Hindu father from Ohio has filed a complaint with the Justice Department claiming his son was forced to eat a beef taco in the school cafeteria.

Ashish Gandhi says the boy ate the taco at the Academy of World Languages, a public magnet school in Cincinnati. Hindus consider eating beef a sacrilege.

Cincinnati Public Schools attorney Gary Winters told investigators the boy chose the taco himself, and the employee who gave it to him was unaware of his dietary restrictions.

Gandhi, who moved to the U.S. from India in 2007, calls the taco meal an "intentional act of religious bigotry." He filed a separate complaint claiming the school has refused to offer his son services for students who don't speak English.

Woah woah woah. There's an Academy of World Languages? What do they each there? Forced to eat? How do you force anyone to eat anything? It's a cafeteria! The kid should know what looks like meat and what doesn't. It's his religion!

How did the father know that the his kid ate beef? Was he there to witness it? How does the kid even know what beef taste like? If the kid went home and told his dad that he had beef and the kid knew what he was doing right?

So according to the dad, let's say for example I'm the employee. I take the student down to the cafeteria and say "Hey kid, this is all the stuff we have in this wonderful cafeteria, have at her". That's it right? My responsibility is done right? I've offered this wonderful student a meal.

This father wants me to

A) Offer he son food
B) Be aware of what his son can or cannot eat
C) Be able to speak hindi

Does he want me to spoonfeed it to him too? What does he think this is? Wolfgang Puck's Fine Dining? It's a fucking school cafeteria. He's lucky they give the kid any food at all and the fat cafeteria monitor lady (we all had one) doesn't shove it up his throat.

With attitudes like this, he seriously should be sent back home to India. I support deportation.


Amory Blaine said...

you never disappoint! but how to get you on a bigger platform...written anything long-form? hope you are well. pissed-off at something, but well! jjw

Juha said...

Mmm... tacos..

Degenerasian said...

If I write longform my argument tends to fall apart (if it hasn't already) :)

Amory Blaine said...

but you can cover that with charm and wit and daring.