Monday, June 1, 2009

'Happy Girl' Not Cecilia Cheung

Gong Mi (left), is nicknamed "little Cecilia Cheung" for her resemblance of the Hong Kong actress (right).

Source: CriEnglish

She is not a celebrity yet but her face is already well known. At least it appears that way.

Gong Mi, an 18-year-old undergraduate at Beijing Film Academy, has just advanced into the regional finals of the "Happy Girl" singing competition in Zhengzhou. Yet she is at the center of attention not for her voice, but her face that some Internet users exclaim some "90 percent" close to Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung.

"I'm not going to deny my pleasure to hear that," Gong Mi told reporters on Sunday. She went on to deny rumors of plastic surgery, saying "my parents gave me what I have and any change to that would be disrespectful to them."

Gong, who is studying acting at China's most prestigious film school, is not as avid as her classmates about becoming a star. She signed up for "Happy Girl" to find something to do while traveling with her mother in Zhengzhou, and she has no filming plans before graduation, because "mom doesn't allow it."

While not aspiring, Gong is preparing for her breakthrough. She says she is currently attending classes in martial arts, singing, dancing and equitation, hoping these skills will someday come in handy after she launches her acting career.

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Want to really know if she looks like Cecilia? Just give Edison a camera. :)

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