Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Which Model is the Transexual?

Source: RisingSunofNihon

Here is the picture.

Which model is a transexual?


The answer is the one on the left, Ayana Tsubaki

More here at Asianbite

And a youtube video

She's beautiful!

The reason for this post was to discuss transsexualism. It was not meant to put down transsexuals as some have commented or emailed me. I had a hunch that the poll would result in 'center' winning. The lady in the center is a famous tv personality.
So in fact you really can't tell who's one and who's not so everyone should be treated with respect no discrimination or prejudice.

Here's the wikipedia entry for transsexualism

Transsexualism is a condition in which an individual identifies with a physical sex different from the one with which he or she was born. A medical diagnosis can be made if a person experiences discomfort as a result of a desire to be a member of the opposite sex, or if a person experiences impaired functioning or distress as a result of that gender identification. Transsexualism is stigmatized in many parts of the world but has become more widely known in Western culture in the mid to late 20th century, concurrently with the sexual revolution and the development of sexual reassignment surgeries. It remains controversial, however. Discrimination and negative attitudes towards transsexualism often accompany certain religious beliefs or cultural values. There are other cultures, however, that have not only held a place for transsexuals but even sanction them. Some native American tribes accept them as two-spirit people.

Sad isn't it that too much of our society is about taboo. It always boils down to religion doesn't it. Not a full person, or not a correct person, or two persons. What a bunch of bullshit. Transsexuals are beautiful people and should be treated as such and not freaks of nature.


Anonymous said...

I personally find these "who's the tranny?" bits offensive. Please don't stoop to this level.

Degenerasian said...

Nice. An insulted anonymous person.

Just having a little fun.

We'll go back to more serious stuff soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous because I don't really feel like outing myself.

It perpetuates the stereotype that we aren't "real people" and are simply here for your amusement.

It's trashy and frankly, you're better than it.

Degenerasian said...

Of course you're real people.
I'll explain later.

Anonymous said...

Touchy, aren't we? Anyway... I got that one right. BAM! I can spot 'em a mile away.

Degenerasian said...

Stray: You got skills!

Yes a bit touchy as always :)

PS: You've been asskicked in the march madness draft :D

Anonymous said...

The older I get, the more slippery and complex a concept gender seems to be. Just because it's an easy matter for *most* of us doesn't mean it's simple. At this point I'd accept anyone with an unconventional gender identification without hesitation. The only problem I'd really have is figuring out which pronoun to use. Both society and language still insist on a clear, even if unrealistic, m/f classification.

PS. She's really cute.

Anonymous said...

There are multiple issues associated with this so called medical diagnosis of transexualism-people are often run down by doctors if they say they wish to change sex, separate from any stigma or negativity society can impose on someone who does change sex.