Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chicago laundromat manager battered, bruised, but not beaten

Source: Chicago Tribune

In a West Side laundromat, there's a man with little patience for loiterers—a frail 73-year-old veteran of the South Korean army who's stubborn enough to not be afraid.

When gangbangers and dope fiends wander in from Chicago Avenue, he yells at them in a mix of English and Korean, "Go out! Go out!"

If they listen, fine. If they don't, Ki Han picks up a phone in the back office and calls police.

On Monday night a man came into Spinning Bubble and confronted Han, accusing him of snitching. Han told the man to get out and then, said Han and the laundromat's owner, the man broke a whiskey bottle on a table and threatened Han with it.

Han said he went to the office and was just about to pick up the phone when the man attacked him. A police report stated Bennie Hale, 21, a convicted drug dealer, "punched Han in the face, causing bruising and abrasions, and leaving the man unable to see out of his left eye." Hale then destroyed computer equipment in the office and threw a microwave on top of Han, police and the laundromat's owner said.

I guess when you're 73 years old and have seen it all, nothing much scares you! Gotta love the sunglasses!

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