Thursday, March 12, 2009

Woman howls like wolf

Source: Ananova

A Chinese woman says she has been howling like a wolf for 26 years - but can't help it.

Hong, 42, of Ganzhashan Qian village, Fuzhou, told Straits News: "My howls are like sneezes or yawns, they can't be controlled.

"Sometimes I can't help howling on the streets. Passers-by jump far away staring at me, thinking I am a psycho."

She says it all began when she began to suffer from back pains when she was 16: "Then I accidentally found when I howl the pain goes away."

Hong says that when she howls, she feels a "release of gas" inside her, and "can't stop it".

Yikes that's crazy! Is a condition like this not curable? Poor lady.

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