Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Chopsticks Aid Turns Chopsticks Into Forks for Lousy White People

Source: Gizmodo

I hate the way most white people eat Asian food: Drowning white rice in soy sauce, shoveling cream cheese-stuffed "sushi" into their mouths, pretty much the entire sorry spectacle. The Chopsticks Aid is for them.

It's a fork face that attaches to chopsticks, turning them into a fork. In case Midwestern Whitey McWhiterson is visiting his daughter in the big city and she drags him to an actually decent Japanese restaurant that's not a sorry hibachi joint populated by other middle-aged white folks applauding poorly paid knife-flipping cooks. You know, one that only has chopsticks. This will save him. Not his dignity, but at least he'll still be able to eat. Not that he deserves to.

This is pretty stupid. Why do white people need to use chopsticks to begin with.

I go to Vietnamese restaurants and see white people use a fork to eat Pho.
I go to Japanese restaurants and see white people use forks to eat sushi.

I use chopsticks to eat spaghetti!

There is no right or wrong, you can use anything you want to eat anything you want.

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