Sunday, March 29, 2009

North Korean Women Sold at $446 in China

Source: Korea Times

Female North Koreans who escaped the starving Stalinist country often become a target of human trafficking and are sold to rural China, usually to farmers who cannot find a wife, at prices as low as $446, Dong-A Ilbo reported Saturday.

The practice, at least 10 years old, is usually arranged when a rural farmer places the "order" with a human trafficking organization with "specification" of a woman he wants, including age and appearance.

A Chinese man who currently lives with a North Korean woman said, "The organization that I contacted for a North Korean woman and the organization another village man contacted for the same purpose were different. So, it seems that there are a number of such organizations involving in the business."

North Korean women who entered China were often lured by a human-trafficking broker who proposed a "lucrative job." They were first gathered in the northeastern city Yanji, then were sent to the nearby city of Jilin before being transported to various Chinese cities where the "order" was placed, the newspaper said.

The price for a North Korean woman ranges from $446 to $1,488, the newspaper said, citing Chinese men who live with North Korean female refugees, North Korean women and Chinese officials.

So sad. I'm so lucky to be a girl here in Canada. Girls in communist countries are treated like slaved and just sold off to the highest bidder.

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I was wondering whether I could use the above picture on our blog (for a post about the same story, actually - came across your blog while searching for the original story in Dong-Ah Ilbo), and whether you had the source information of the photo. I would appreciate it very much.

Degenerasian said...

Yup. It's just from one of the newspapers.