Monday, March 30, 2009

Travel to Xinjiang's Four "Great Lakes"

Source: Far West China

Mention the name "Xinjiang" and most people who know their Chinese geography picture vast deserts crossed by dirty looking camels and a beating sun. It's a nostalgic picture that was made popular by the famous Silk Road but it's a stereotype Xinjiang can't seem to shake. The truth is that these immense deserts are locked in by incredible mountain ranges and watered by a multitude of lakes and rivers. Some of these lakes provide the most breathtaking scenery that Xinjiang has to offer.

Although there are many lakes that dot the Xinjiang map, there are a couple that will give any person living or traveling to Xinjiang a chance to break away from the normal tourist destinations and find themselves in a place that would make a professional photographer leap for joy. Welcome to Xinjiang's four "Great Lakes".

See the wonderful pictures here!

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