Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will Rain be able to save his Hollywood career?

Source: Yahoo

An Asia's up and rising star has been given a second chance in Hollywood despite the fallback of his first attempt in movie Speed Racer.

Media film critics said they were impressed by Rain's professionalism when he puts down his status as an idol for Hollywood film Ninja Assassin and fully engage in filming, enduring fights and bruises on his face. The Korean singer's second Hollywood film was rated number 41 among the year's top 50 blockbusters by Times Online.

Despite being given the same simple and short lines for Ninja Assassin, Rain's character in this movie has a larger role to play then that in Speed Race. The last two years in Hollywood has not been smooth sailing for Rain; firstly Speed Racer did not do well at the box office, secondly, Rain had to face a court case from cancelling his Hawaii concert two years ago; Ninja Assassin may be the chance for the unlucky actor to make some achievements.

Not sure what more is expected of Rain in America. He's still pretty unknown other than the feud on the Colbert Report. He doesn't really have an acting resume in Korea either. Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan and Jet Li had tremendous resumes in international blockbuster and even they could barely break into Hollywood. I can't see Rain succeeding in anything substantial. He's not really an actor and hasn't been that impressive in anything he's done. His good looks can only take him so far in acting in America.

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