Sunday, March 8, 2009

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' heading for divorce?

Source: Alpha Asian

Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC's docudrama Jon & Kate Plus 8, about their family life with two sets of multiples, may have trouble in paradise.

The couple appears to have serious marriage problems now that Jon has started spending increasing time away from home and partying with college girls, claims

In a Feb. 6 incident, Jon was reportedly hanging out at Mimi's martini bar in Huntington, Penn. -- easily three hours away from the new home he and Kate moved into with their children -- when he met some girls from Juniata College who invited him to a house party.

"He walked in with two girls he met at Mimi's bar," a senior tells the magazine. "It was so cool."

Jon then proceeded to play beer pong and then follow the party with a nightcap at Memories Sports Bar & Grill, where he reportedly got drunker, flirted with the Juniata girls and told one, "We might be getting a divorce."

Star Magazine had earlier reported one witness' account:

"He was dirty dancing with several of them, making out, kissing them on their necks and mouths. I thought it was rather surprising for a father with his wife and so many kids at home to be acting like this. He was all over one girl, a long-haired blonde who's nearly 6 feet tall. He left with several of the girls, including her."

That's some sad shit isn't it. Give a guy a tv show and some money, why would he stay at home with a wife and eight kids! No man in his situation would resist choosing a night out with two young girls over EIGHT kids. Looks like he wants to take his millions and get out, and get out fast.

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emtp94 said...

maybe he's feeling guilty leaving mom do all the work. The twins weren't enough for them? Dont people realize when they spend hundreds of thousands on fertility they could emd up with more kids than they can handle? It's okay though, - i watch the show and Kate treats him like dirt.