Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nine-year old girl is youngest person to become Microsoft Certified Professional

Source: Engadget

A nine year-old girl in India named M. Lavinashree has passed the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam, becoming the youngest person to ever pull it off (smashing the record previously held by a 10 year-old Pakistani girl). The youngster has a long history of making records in her short life -- including reciting all 1,300 couplets of a 2,000 year-old Tamil epic at the age of three -- and now she's now cramming for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Exam.

Everytime I see a story like this of a young person passing a test or graduating collage, I think back to the story of reincarnation. A person is to eat porridge upon reincarnating in order to wipe out his/her mind of the previous life.

I think cases like this show that this person skipped the line and didn't eat the porridge.

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Elver said...

Does anyone else get the "child abuse" vibe when reading such stories?

Also, the gray-haired guy looks like a mad scientist :D