Thursday, December 4, 2008

Looking for love in Vietnam: Don't forget to :)

Source: Crave

HANOI, Vietnam--Love, or the lack thereof, is an ongoing global issue. I offer no solution, but if you want to look for the one here in Vietnam, a word of advice: learn to text and know your emoticons.

While online dating services are rampant in the States (personally, I believe many young Americans aren't really sure what to look for in a partner and being impatient as usual, think spending money somehow helps solve this), things are a little different in Vietnam--in the big cities that is.

Kids in Vietnam are now crazy about texting and Yahoo IM. I've tried to IM in Vietnamese with my teenaged nieces but A) my written Vietnamese is too weak so I type very slow and B) those kids used way too many short cuts and emoticons that it gets crazy.

For example: Co^ Co' Khoe^? Khong (how are you auntie) turns into Co co KK?
Took me a while to learn that.

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