Thursday, December 18, 2008

Macho Macho Man!

Source: Clearly Cultural

Masculinity versus its opposite, femininity refers to the distribution of roles between the genders which is another fundamental issue for any society to which a range of solutions are found. The IBM studies revealed that (a) women’s values differ less among societies than men’s values; (b) men’s values from one country to another contain a dimension from very assertive and competitive and maximally different from women’s values on the one side, to modest and caring and similar to women’s values on the other. The assertive pole has been called ‘masculine’ and the modest, caring pole ‘feminine’.

According to the article, Japanese men are first with a ranking of 95!
Swedish men are last with a ranking of 5! This will make my Finnish and Estonian friends very very happy :)


Elver said...

Nah, still depressed :P

Btw, does this mean that Swedish men are more masculine or less masculine than Japanese men?

Roger Williams said...

It means the Swedes are almost twenty times less masculine than Japanese men!

Having been to Japan and knowing lots of Swedes, there's something to this. Japanese society doesn't fuck around when it comes to strictly defined gender roles. Like the Prince song goes, "let a woman be a woman, and a man be a man!"

The Swedes, on the other hand, are completely fucked.

Degenerasian said...

Elver: I think it's part of what Roger said. It's a measurement of the old-fashioned definition of the role of men and women. Men working, women being housewife.
Men paying for everything. Certain jobs for men, certain jobs for women. Well-defined stuff.

I think Finland and Estonia should win though. They have wife-carrying contests!

Elver said...

Wow. That article about Swedes... They truly are fucked up.

I dunno about Estonia. I hate it here :P