Saturday, December 27, 2008

NewSpeak TV at Anime Expo 2008 Cosplay

Cosplay - short for "costume play", is basically describing a performing-art behavior of self-rigging out as a character.

There are some wild costumes at in this video. People put in alot of work in their costumes. Duct tape/cardboard technology!

Youtube Link

I went to Otafest a few times when it was small. It was interesting but I'm not that big of an anime fan and seeing a 300-pound white guy dressed as sailor moon made my decision not to attend the following year alot easier. To my surprise, it's gotten alot bigger with 4,278 attendees and guests! I might have to check it out next year.


Russ Nelson said...

Annoyingly, I can't view embedded youtube videos. I need a link to the video on youtube, and then I can watch it.

Degenerasian said...

Russ: Really? You're probably not the only one. I'll add a Youtube Link below every embedded link.