Thursday, November 6, 2008

Which Laptop?

Source: BallyU Tech

This is Asian advertising. Everything has a pretty girl in it.

My dad walked by the computer when I was reading this article.
He said: "How do expect me to know which laptop to choose? They look very nice!" :)

Feeling the lack of attention due to the U.S. election LG Electronics got some pretty models together to announce a new premium notebook in the hopes of recapturing consumers attention. The new notebook is part of the XNOTE series, the P310 notebook is equipped with a 13.3″ LCD display with LED back light, and is available in a lovely black rose detailed aluminum finish. Under the hood the P310 rocks an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 3GB of DDR3 memory/2GB ‘Turbo Memory’, and a massive 320GB HD. Graphics are supplied courtesy of a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT.


Roger Williams said...

The girls aside, that's a pretty kickass laptop! As for which one of the adgirls ... hell, why not both? And both laptops, too!

Degenerasian said...

You're super greedy.

Russ Nelson said...

I'd trade both the girls AND the laptops for poo.

Well, maybe *one* of the laptops.