Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rain's Magic Stick

Source: Fighting 44's

I see that Rain's new song Rainism is causing some controversy.

My magic stick is spinning in your shivering body. You can’t go beyond my body shake. Make it Rainism The Rainism. Feel my body.

Of course in an entertainment industry where and on-screen kiss is a BIG DEAL, this
will of course stir up some debate.

As you all know, I'm part of the Jay Chou shrieking fanbase so I hate Rain. All of Rain's songs sound like the same crap.


Anonymous said...

i am not even a fan of rain, but chou is a disgrace to the asian pop industry
he can't even compare, dood what are you smoking lol

Degenerasian said...

Ok tell me who's better :)

#ForEverRain said...

i love rain!!!! EVERYTHING about HIM!!! There is no other asian or world celebrity who can compare to him!!!! Good on him for making this lyrics!