Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sapporo Beer's 'Image Girl' for 2009 chosen

Source: Japan Today

TOKYO — Model Miyuki, 25, has been chosen as Sapporo Beer’s Image Girl for 2009. Miyuki made her debut at an event held this week at the Yebisu Beer Musuem. Miyuki is 169 cm tall, and has measurements of 83-59-86.

“We always drink Yebisu at home in Gifu,” she said. “I like beer and I’m studying to get my qualification as a beer adviser.”

Miyuki also expressed her aspiration to become an actress. “I hope to become an actress with individual flair like Hiromi Nagasaku or Eri Fukatsu.”

There are three problems with this selection:

1) An apron? How can you sell beer wearing an apron?
2) 83 is way to small of a bust to be selling anything. That must be why she's wearing an apron.
3) “I like beer and I’m studying to get my qualification as a beer adviser.” WHAT?

Whatever happened to busty, bikini-clad babes selling beer?
Sapporo Beer has really gone downhill I believe.


Roger Williams said...

Ha ha ha ha! Well, Japan is funny like that. Contrary to our (American and Canadian) expectations on how to sell beer, in Japan, beer advertising is far more sedate since beer is something people drink all the time at dinner and even on the streets (!), and not just when they're celebrating or at leisure.

And though it's been quite a while since I was there now, Sapporo's corporate image was more staid and "adult" than rival Asahi - at least at the time. This would mean the ever popular Japanese use of "product experts" (who presumably lend credibility to the same Sapporo everyone's been drinking for ages) is a better marketing strategy than some bikini bunny bouncing around a beach in Hawaii with condensation glistening off her plastic bustline.

That said, Japanese ads use quite a lot of sex to sell other things, just not necessarily the same things that sex sells here.

Degenerasian said...

Even if the girl was classy wearing a suit, you can't sell a thing with a 83 cm bust :)

Sapporo Beer Commercial

Anonymous said...

Mika Hazuki is the 2010 image gal

Degenerasian said...


Looks like I forgot about 2010 and 2011!