Sunday, November 2, 2008

A School on a Cliff

Source: Ananova

The school in Gulu village, Sichuan province, lies halfway up a mountain and climbing up from the base takes five hours.

The elementary school has only one teacher who has been there for 26 years, reports the West China City Daily.

Villagers say going to school is very dangerous for the children, since the path is only 1ft 4ins wide at the narrowest point and has a sheer drop on one side.

Walking along the narrow, zigzagging path also makes the children feel dizzy, they say.

This is pretty stupid. How can a country like China not doing anything about this. Build the kids another school! On some level land! In Canada, parents complain and attack the school board of education if the school is in another neighbourhood let alone on a frickin mountain!

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