Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blacks Blamed for Success of Prop 8 - And Should Be Proud Of It

It's wonderful to be blamed by losers. It means you've succeeded.
Republicans are blaming blacks for voting Obama in. So?
Blacks are being blamed for overwhelmingly voting YES on Prop 8 and helping to pass it. So?

Good! Blacks were unified in this election when everyone else was 50/50.

I remember back in Quebec during the 1995 referendum when the YES side narrowly lost.
They immediately blamed "Anglos and the Ethnic vote".

Good! Anglos and Ethnic voted in what they believed in and Canada remained united.

Losers are always whiners.

So if you're black and voted YES, be proud!
If you're black and voted NO, it hurts but don't deny the facts and blame everyone else. You have to continue fighting and educate everyone about your cause. Next time you have to target the black community more to come to your side.

As for Asians, looks like we voted right down the middle just like everyone else.

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