Friday, April 24, 2009

Jackie Chan: Singaporeans have no self-respect

Source: Asiaone

Action star Jackie Chan did not only offend the Chinese living in Hong Kong and Taiwan, his "speech of freedom" that drew widespread ire recently also spoke badly about Singaporeans.

He had apparently said that Singaporeans have no sense of self-respect.

Chan, who spoke last Saturday at the Boao Forum for Asia, said that the Chinese have to be controlled or society would be "chaotic" like that of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Local Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News reported that in the action star's speech, Singaporeans too, were not spared.

During the forum's question and answer session, Chan said in his reply to a question from the media, "When I go to Singapore, I realize that chewing gum is not allowed there. Why is this so?

"I found out later that if (Singaporeans) chew gum, they will dispose of the used gum on tabletops, on chairs, and (they) have no sense of self-respect."

According to the Shin Min report, he also pointed out that unlike the Americans and the Japanese, "they" do not have that sense of self-respect. And when this is lacking, the government will have to step in.

Should one be sensitive, the action star's words might be interpreted as him saying that Singaporeans are not as orderly as the Americans or the Japanese. Compared to the people in these two countries, Singaporeans thus have less self-respect and in turn, are not allowed to chew gum.

This was not Chan's only comment about Singapore in his speech. The actor also spoke about the country's laws.

"When you reach Singapore, you must obey its laws, if you are caught littering, you will go to jail right away."

Wow! Who's next? Is he going to insult everyone in the world? If he insults Canada I'm coming after him!


Anh Khoi Do said...

Who would have thought that Jackie Chan is an inveterate supporter of the communist dictatorship. As one my friends pointed it out, if he's not taking risk with his body, he does it with his mouth.

Roger Williams said...

Apparently, Jackie Chan has forgotten that his success would have been impossible had he the misfortune of being stuck in China proper during the cultural revolution instead of (comparatively) unruly, freewheeling Hong Kong. Now that he's gotten his, he's ready to exchange the liberty and opportunity for everyone else in exchange for political stability.

As for dissing Singapore, WTF?! Singapore has absolutely no problems that Jackie Chan need be ashamed of. Yeah, you can't chew gum in Singapore, but they're also not allowed to spit on the sidewalks everywhere either (*cough* *ahem* China *cough*).

Degenerasian said...

What disappoints me the most is that Jackie Chan, unlike most Chinese citizens have travelled the world and seen what the world has to offer. Instead of bring those good qualities to co-exist with good Chinese qualities, he just dismisses them and insults everyone.

Perhaps people in Singapore who support his new movie, should no longer do so.