Friday, April 10, 2009

Jay Chou breaks Asian celebrity endorsement fee record

Source: Yahoo

The economy is dipping by the day, but artistes'endorsement fees are still soaring. Recently, Faye Wong was reported to have received about S$4million for her endorsement of a shampoo, breaking the Asian celebrity endorsement fee record. Less than a month after Wong set the record, Jay Chou broke it with S$6million received for endorsing a motorbike.

The motor vehicle company said they have been discussing the endorsement deal for more than a year, but started working on it only recently.

"Jay Chou is very cautious about what he endorses and will only agree to it after fully understanding the brand," the company's spokesperson said.

Within the contracted period of endorsement, the company will invite Chou to design a series of motorbikes in conjunction with the conceptual elements of his songs.

The commercial will be shot in Beijing in mid-May. The company will also be sponsoring Chou's China concerts.

No matter how bad the economy is, the rich get richer and people still buy luxury items. Jay Chou can sell anything. He literally has to beat girls away with a stick!

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