Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boys who like the girlie look

Source: JoongAng Daily

Long hair. A clean cut. An unblemished complexion. This is the look that women like to see in men these days. So if you are a well-built, unshaven tough guy with a crew cut, you can forget about making it as a TV star for the moment.

The proof is in the ratings. The weekly KBS2-TV drama “Boys Over Flowers,” which revolved around four rich kids with “pretty boy” looks, drove women crazy and commanded a 30 percent audience share by the time the final episode was broadcast last month.

It’s no wonder that despite a pulverized economy in which media companies are scrabbling around for advertising revenue, the show, which was based on a manga from Japan, had few problems attracting sponsors.

How did such a feminine look for guys get so popular? For middle-aged men today, it’s a far cry from the definition of “cool” that was popular until fairly recently.

“They all look so girlie!” said Park Jong-sik, 38, a lawyer working in downtown Seoul. “They are thin like tin cans. And the hair! I can’t stand it! They look so pathetic!”

He is not the only one with such views. Kim Young-seok, 44, a retired military drill instructor, was equally appalled. “Sometimes I wonder how they can make it through boot camp.”

But such complaints fall on deaf ears, especially when this new look for men is raking in huge profits for the cosmetics industry.

I think I'm going to cry. I like the handsome/rugged look. Not the girly look.

Ugh I need to clense myself of such a look. I could punch any of those guys in the face.

I'll go watch Takeshi Kaneshiro :D



Cambie said...

I like the more rugged manly look too although the guy in the picture (second from right) looks so much like Robert Pattinson that I can't help but like him too!! But you're right, most of them are such sucky boys Id have to punch them.

J said...

God, i hate it when Asian men look effeminate and they're not even gay. i'm curious as to what kind of women go for that look?

Degenerasian said...

Robert Pattinson is much hotter. Sharper features.

What kind of women likes this look? Every girl in Korea now. The show is a HUGE hit and just look at this thread.