Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sailor Moon re-runs on HK television

Source: chinaSMACK

A commercial for a live action television show of the anime “Sailor Moon” is thoroughly criticized by Chinese netizens who find it horrifying and shocking. The TV show, appearing on Hong Kong’s J2 TVB network, appears to be a re-imagining of the Sailor Moon characters having matured into middle age with familial responsibilities. Chinese take offense at the ages of the actors as well as the weight of one of them.

[script from the video; scene occurs in the summer of 2010]

Mother: [to child] Remember, when attending class study hard!

Woman: Serena (Usagi Tsukino), Mr. Wong wanted you to have this.

Mother, now identified as Serena (Sailor Moon): Ami? Rei?

Serena: Moon prism power!

Ami Mizuno: Mercury power!

Rei Hino: Mars power!

All together: Uniform change!

Female announcer: Sailor Moon, premiering this Friday, broadcasting from Monday to Friday, 6 P.M. Let [Hong Kong television station] J2 accompany you on all of your little girl dreams!

Waiter: It’s been a long time since I last last saw you three; is discounted dim sum alright?

I did some further investigation and in fact they are not creating a live-action Sailor Moon show but in fact they are just re-broadcasting the old anime for the newer generation today. The commercial itself is trying to show how the typical Sailor Moon fan is older today and this re-airing of the show will being out the old Sailor Moon in them.

I kind of like the commercial but I do understand how all you Sailor Mars fans got scared for a second there!

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LMAO. WIN. Oh I wanna re-watch sailor moon now.