Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lorry driver builds himself a Lamborghini

Source: Orange

A Chinese lorry driver has built himself a Lamborghini supercar in his spare time - for just £2,000.

It took Chen Jinmiao, 25, of Binzhou, Hunan province, a year to build the replica sportscar, reports the Red Net.

"I downloaded the drawings from the internet, and then bought materials from the market," he said.

Chen, who has only a basic school education, had always dreamt of owning a Lamborghini but knew he would never be able to afford a real one.

It is a fully working car - and even has the famous wing doors - but its top speed is a little over 50mph, compared to a real Lamborghini's 200mph-plus.

Chen said his family and friends tried to discourage him from building the car.

"But they couldn't stop me, as I did it all with my own savings," he explained.

He is now waiting to see whether traffic officials will give him permission to drive the car on the road.

"If they don't, I can have it for my collection at home," he added.

Holy crap, £2,000 is alot of money that he's been saving up. A whole year!
That's a really cool project but there's not way he can really drive that thing very far. Just around the neighbourhood? It looks great but doesn't look safe, no bumper, bad wheels. Can it even break at high speeds? I like his attitude though, that's a wonderful lifetime collection to have :)

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PerryPie said...

Wow, he's put a lot of money and time into that thing for really a toy model. I feel for him. He had a dream, he went for it. But he won't get to drive it.