Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Japanese Minivan Designs

Source: World Famous Design Junkies

A tribute to the little vans and trucks most commonly found in Japan. Suited to their small, tight streets and spaces, these automobiles have a rich history and continue on in service today.

WOW! That looks pretty cool! Not sure I'd ride in such a car cause it does look a bit silly. But one has to admire Japanese creativity.

So tiny. But there's enough room in the back for a little romp :)

See all the pictures HERE.


alatus said...

Cool! All we have in Toronto are the Red Bull cars, driven by pairs of scantily clad Red Bull girls.

Nice value added to the share, as well. If you didn't mention the "room for romp", I wouldn't have gone there! lol

Cliche said...

You should look up dekotora for crazy decorated trucks.

Really puts the ground effect lighted trucks with truck balls to shame.