Monday, April 7, 2008

Olympic torch in SF

Why I will carry the Olympic torch

I'm absolutely stunned that for someone who is a journalist and scholar can have such a narrow-minded view of China and participate in such an event.

China abuses human-rights regularly. She, being a lesbian, isn't even respected as a human being in China. Even as a journalist she was restricted in what she could report.

It's amazing how people easily forget about history just for a little attention.
I'm so tired of hearing "Well China is better off then it was 30 years ago!" Of course it is, it was beaten into the ground and a billion people suffered.

Having this lady represent Chinese people in San Francisco is a disgrace as people who fled China for freedom will feel betrayed.

Have a look at my next article about the Vietnamese. They never ever ever forget about the atrocities of the Communist government and will protest just at the sight of that flag.

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