Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rocket Ronnie

Ah I love Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Mostly because of this:

He's so exciting and flamboyant.

And also for things like this

Raunchy Ronnie in trouble over lewd comments in Beijing

The comments were ignored, though, by Chinese media.

"At the post game press conference, O'Sullivan kept his gentlemanly manners," said a report in the Today Morning Express, while the Beijing News reported he had shown no signs of disappointment and was "smiling and looking around."

Ah Chinese media not reporting something bad.. surprise surprise. Apparently there is no such thing as bad news in China.

That is not my concern though. My concern is.. why is the Snooker Association fucking apologizing? The Chinese didn't mind it and have swept it under the rug. The don't feel insulted. Why is there an apology issued?

I would pissed if I was Ronnie too. Those were the longest-assed questions I've ever heard. The guy just lost, make it quick. And the translator? who was that? She could barely translate properly. You'd think they could find an better english-speaking person.

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