Tuesday, May 25, 2010

World Cup Mascots: Borderline Offensive, Oddly Mincing

Source: Fast Company

This is one of the worst articles I've ever read. Talking about stereotypes in mascots. Does this writer not realize that the mascot is unique to the region where it is from?

South Korea and Japan joined to host the 2002 World Cup, which featured the world's first computer-generated mascots. Naturally, these fellas hail from a future where toilet seats do your homework and used panties are available in vending machines.

Really? Did you think OMG! toilets and panties when you see these guys? Where the fuck did that come from?

Apparently, in 1970, Mexico wasn't satisfied almost creating a racial caricature, with those squinty eyes and pudgy body...

Ok how is a Mexican supposed to look? Like Calvin and Hobbes?

so they seized the opportunity during the 1986 World Cup.

Pique is supposed to be a jalapeno pepper, and he sports a ginormous sombrero, ridiculous mustache, sleepy eyes, and ill-fitting clothes. For gross ethnic and cultural stereotypes, he's just a hair behind Speedy Gonzalez, who's been banned in the U.S. but is supposedly popular in Latin America.

I love the ginormous sombrero. How is a character that's like Speedy Gonzalez and loved in Latin American a gross stereotype! The writer just contradicted himself!

Smugly pointing his finger, with his head cocked like a know-it-all, Footix, the mascot of France '98, seems like he's less interested in playing soccer than giving you Americans a lecture about the benefits of a modern socialist state. And he seems happy to assure us: "Alors, if I do not geet more over-time benefeets, I will strike tomorrow!"

Holy shit. He's ranting about culture and the french working unions JUST from looking at a mascot!? Raise of hands. Did any of you think about the French 30 hour work week looking at a ROOSTER!?

Gauchito, Argentina's 1978 mascot, wears a neckerchief and carries a whip, which are apparently typical for Argentine cowboys of yore. He also looks like he's late for a playground meet-up with his partner-in-crime, Pedobear.

Wow! The writer has called the classic Argentinian cowboy a pedofile. This is one of the most insulting things I've ever heard.

You know what loser these mascots aren't offensive, it is you that has a sick sick and racist mind. These mascots are the pride of an entire country and even though some might not be the best, they are not offensive. How can something from it's own country be racist. Is this Political Correctness run amok? YOU are offended when another country depicts themselves in a way YOU view as a stereotype. That's ludicrous.

What's next? We have to use a colour other than black to draw a black guy?

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