Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Chinese 'Hero' for NBC's Hit Drama

Source: CriEnglish

Producers of "Heroes" are considering casting a Chinese actor to help expand its Chinese influence, Chinese media reported.

Producers of the popular American TV series "Heroes" are considering casting a Chinese actor to help expand the drama's growing Chinese influence, Chinese media reported on Wednesday.

Hong Kong-based actor Daniel Wu
The U.S. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is seeking an English-speaking Chinese actor for the drama's planned sixth season, Yangtse Evening Post cited unnamed sources close to NBC.

Season 4, the latest completed season, will premiere on American small screens next week on September 21.

NBC is currently approaching Hong Kong-based stars Daniel Wu, Allen Ting and Stephen Fung for the role, according to the report. Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung share an American upbringing.

"Heroes", a science fiction drama revolving around a group of people with extraordinary abilities, debuted on NBC in 2006 with Japanese-American actor Masi Oka as one of its leads. Oka's presence has helped "Heroes" attract many Asian fans, particularly Japanese, according to Yangtse Evening Post.

Must be nice to be able to script for a 6th season even before showing 4th season!
As I've mentioned before, Daniel Wu is the worst Chinese actor ever. He's static and not understandable in either language. I would stop watching if he was cast. Allen Ting and Stephen Fung are ok but pretty obscure.

I think NBC need to expand more and research all the young actors in Chinese cinema, not those are have American roots.. This would be my list.

These two guys know English for sure.
My other choices for favourite young male actors are..

3. Shawn Yue
4. Jay Chou
5. Cheng Chen

I'm not sure how good their English is but they got 2 years!


Unknown said...

Maybe Daniel Wu is perfect for a show that went downhill soo fast. Heroes 1st season was one of the best new shows in the past decade and it crumbled during the season finale.

It has never come back and i'm surprised it is still on the air.

Daniel Wu is perfect for this show!

Anonymous said...

A sixth season??? Bull crap. This story is made up. The show barely survived its third season and is already on the "if the ratings don't improve it's gone" watch list for its Season 4. No way they're thinking about a Season 6 already. Stupid story, makes no sense whatsoever.

Russ Nelson said...

Yeah, I'm worried. Why must these Heroes act so stupidly? NO GOOD can come of the new Nathan from the end of S3. Is this not completely obvious to everyone except the handful of characters who implemented the idea? Why not just drink sulfuric acid? It would be less painful.

Anyway, I'm going to give them a month, and if they haven't drawn back my loyalty, they're toast.

Anonymous said...

Speak perfect English?! They're just going make 'em ethnics speak with an accent anyways!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Wu is an A list actor in Hong Kong regardless what people think of his fluency in Cantonese or Mandarin. He has taken part in dramas. Every movie he has been in is big budget box office. Who would downgrade?

Anonymous said...