Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chinese Ugly Betty

It will be impossible to find an actress to play Ugly Betty in China unless they just find someone off the street with no acting experience. There are no ugly actresses in China. Such as there were no ugly hostesses or medal-presenting girls during the Olympics.


The first season of "Ugly Wudi," a Chinese adaptation of the American comedy drama "Ugly Betty," is slated to debut on September 28. The protagonist, Lin Wudi, made her first public appearance on Tuesday.

Though the actress wears black-framed glasses and ill-fitting braces like the other Betty, her image was largely dismissed by the audience because she is not ugly enough, Oriental Morning Post reported.

Audiences hold the view that the "ugly girl" is beautiful, with a normal figure, big eyes and long hair, aside from the deliberate ugly costuming.

Hunan Television, which produced the adaptation, declined to disclose any information about the actress's identity in order to whet the audience's appetite. When reporters asked the actress about her personal issues, she was quick to avoid giving direct answers.

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